Sitecore Modal Dialogs Fix For Chrome 37+

In the newest release of Chrome (37), the showModalDialog function is disabled by default (Chromium Blog). This change will affect all Sitecore instances using version lower than 7.1.

Show Modal Dialog Is not Defined

Fortunately, there are options to workaround the issue.

The first approach is to enable the showModalDialog function via the EnableDeprecatedWebPlatformFeatures policy. For more information on how to set policies you can refer to one of these two articles depending on your organization – Set Chrome policies for devices or Set Chrome policies for users. Keep in mind that this fix needs to be applied on every device.


As it seems the javascript solution with is not working as it is not blocking the execution. The window is actually opened, but the changes won`t be saved because they won`t be passed back to the caller. So the only solution is enabling the deprecated web platform features (or upgrading Sitecore to 7.1+). The big problem is that Mozilla currently deprecated the Window.showModalDialog(), so if they obsolete it in the near future the only option will remain to use IE or upgrade to 7.1+.

The second approach is to replace the showModalDialog function with This should be done in [Web_Root]\sitecore\shell\Controls\Gecko.js. There are two functions which should be modified.


Modify the following line (Line 231 in the JS file):


return showModalDialog(“/sitecore/shell/prompt.html”, arguments, features);


return“/sitecore/shell/prompt.html”, arguments, features);


Modify the following line (The line number varies for different versions of Sitecore. For Sitecore 7.0 it is Line 350 and for Sitecore 6.6 Line 345):


showModalDialog(url, arguments, features);

To, arguments, features);

The big difference is that now the opened windows will not block the GUI, because they are opened in a new browser window and the fabulous dim effect is gone :).

Fixed Modal

Hope this will help you stick to your favorite browser !

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