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Greetings, and welcome back to my blog! It has been over five years since my last post, and I am delighted to be back in the writing game. During my absence, I have been engrossed in my work, but unfortunately, most of it was confidential and could not be shared publicly. However, I am pleased to announce that I am back, and I have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Lately, I have been passionately engaged in exploring Sitecore Connect, and the plethora of opportunities it presents for extensibility and integrations. As professionals, many of us have encountered the powerful Data Exchange Framework in our careers, but often found its steep learning curve to be a challenge. In contrast, Sitecore Connect offers a user-friendly experience that is easy to comprehend, yet requires a certain level of proficiency to master. Its adaptability and user-friendliness make it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes and industries, and I am enthusiastic about sharing my insights on this topic.

Thus, I have decided to launch a new blog series, “Sitecore Connect for Beginners,” which aims to guide readers from low-code/no-code integrations to developing custom connectors using the Connector SDK integrated into Sitecore Connect. My goal is to publish a new post every week, and although I initially envisioned it as a ten-part series, I am open to expanding it further, as time permits. I am thrilled to embark on this exciting journey and share my knowledge and experiences with you all.

This post will launch together with the first part of the series which can be found here:, so enjoy reading it !

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